In this Six Sigma case study, we were tasked with reducing the amount of “Leakers” on a Bartelt Line producing Pistachios using the Six Sigma DMAIC process.

First, we completed a SIPOC to determine if there were any inputs external to the Process that could be an issue. We found that variation in the film could be a contributing factor.

We then defined the X’s in the process. This is where we “look for open windows” (can the process meet its existing tolerances). We found that there was no data being cataloged for the measurable and controllable inputs. We also found that the output was measured in Pass/Fail rather than a continuous metric.

We found that the KPOVs was the position of the heat placement and the dwell time. We took capability measurements after completing a controlled setup and implementing some poka-yokes, and the short-term capability increased to over 2.