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We are an Accredited Training Organization with the IASSC


Certified as an an Accredited Training Organization with the International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC)

"The IASSC Accredited Training Organization (ATO) designation validates Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc. has demonstrated adequate management systems, courseware with a high degree of correlation to the subject matter contained in the IASSC Bodies of Knowledge, delivery schema consistent with such content and highly qualified instructors."

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We Provide Onsite LEAN Certification Training

SSDSI will come to your site to train for your choice of the Lean Six Sigma Certification Levels including LEAN Certification. Onsite training is more cost effective than open enrollment training when training larger groups of team members.


Benefits of Onsite Training:

  • The Training is focused on Your Opportunities
  • SSDSI uses your opportunities in class (vs. generic examples)
  • You will get the experience of a seasoned Lean and Six Sigma Master Black Belt who will help mentor you while completing your Lean and Six Sigma Project
  • You can train up to 20 employees for one fixed cost (this cost includes courseware and the instructors travel & lodging)
  • Our courses are full of games, simulations, and active learning to help the adult learner
  • SSDSI can customize the training to meet your companies particular training needs
Onsite Training

LEAN Certification Program

The course is full of Games, Videos and Simulations. We will be using a number of LEAN Games and Simulations to learn the how to Reduce Waste (Complexity) in a Process and Increase the Capacity to do work without adding more employees. We will be playing with Dice, Legos and Airplanes to make the LEAN Methodologies come to life. The Instructors will keep you engaged and excited! At the end of the course, the Master Black Belt Instructor will give you the tools to quickly and effectively complete your LEAN Certification Project.

We will help you to complete your LEAN Certification project

We will help you before the course – Our Master Black Belt Instructors will help you to identify a project that will help you to effectively learn the tools and methodology of LEAN and earn your LEAN Certification in less than three months.

We will help you after the course – Our SSDSI Master Black Belts will be available to Mentor you through each stage of your LEAN Certification project. 

LEAN Certification Requirements:

  • You must Complete a LEAN Certification Project within 6 Months.
  • The LEAN Certification Project must be validated by a Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc. (SSDSI) Master Black Belt

The LEAN Certification course includes:

  • Overview of the LEAN Enterprise
  • Integrating LEAN & Six Sigma
  • Muda (or Waste) Elimination
  • Value Stream Mapping (Current and Future State)
  • How to Conduct a Workout (LEAN Vision Events (or Kaizen Events)
  • Flow, TAKT Time and PITCH Applications
  • Replenishment Pull methods vs. Traditional “Push”
  • Kanban or Visual Signaling
  • Quick Changeover or SMED
  • Root Cause Analysis and Error Proofing (Poka Yoke)

This course for those who want to be educated in the LEAN Methodologies of Streamlining a Process to recover Time, Quality, and Bottom Line Benefit

These tools are included to help you complete your LEAN Certification project:


  • A Tollgate (Checklist) and a Well Defined Flowchart for Project Completion.
  • An SSDSI Master Black Belt to mentor you through your complete LEAN Certification project cycle.
  • A PowerPoint Template with Detailed Instructions on how to Complete your Final Project Presentation
  • A Customized plan and roadmap of how to complete your individual project within three months.

A question that we are often asked: “Why do you require a project to earn your LEAN Certification and not just a test?”.

Earning your LEAN Certification is a process that confirms your mastery of the LEAN Tools and Methodology.

  • Certification proves you can successfully apply the tools and techniques to Continuous Improvement projects.
  • At the end of the LEAN Certification Course, you have the knowledge but have not proved that you understand how to apply the tools and methodology of LEAN.
  • By Successfully Completing the LEAN Certification Project, you will confirm understanding of how to apply the LEAN Tools in a “Real World” application.
  • Experienced Process Improvement Leaders and Hiring Managers will quickly see the lack of Project Experience.
Lean Certification

Having recently taken a Lean Six Sigma training with the Instructors at SSDSI as a part of our organizations deployment, I found that their personable style and in-depth knowledge / experiences proved to make the perfect blend, which kept me engaged throughout the four-day seminar. They also did a wonderful job of getting the dozen or so participants equally engaged, making it a highly interactive program. I’d gladly take a training session again with the SSDSI Instructors.

Ronald Niland

Associate Director, Project Management at Gilead Sciences, Gilead Sciences

The team at SSDSI are outstanding Six-Sigma professionals with stellar accomplishments and a remarkable breadth and depth in Lean Six Sigma practice. They are excellent leaders, mentors and instructor who shared valuable practical examples, case studies, and insightful demonstrations that made the training lively and productive. This was key to the deployment of Operational Excellence in our organization.

Sunil Hattangady

Senior Principal, Business Consulting at Infosys, Infosys

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