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“I took a public Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course in Atlanta, Georgia. In less than three months I completed my Green Belt project and earned my certification. I couldn’t be more thankful to Kevin and his team. Though tough, it was well worth it. The class and project was a great experience that has really shown an immediate impact in our organization. If you are able to attend a course as a team I think the results will be tenfold the investment.”

Risa Dudley

Director Of Purchasing & Production Control, LSSGB, Lund International

Public (Live) Lean Six Sigma Training

Our Public Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt courses are full of games, videos and other interactive tools. We will be using engaging tools like LEGOS, Paper Helicopters, and Catapults to bring the Lean Six Sigma Methodologies to life for the students. You will leave the class knowing how to use powerful process improvement tools like the SIPOC, C&E Matrix, FMEA, Measurement Systems Analysis, Capability Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, ANVA, Regression, and Design of Experiments. These are just a few of the tools that will become familiar with.

Our instructors are Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts with valuable real world experience, focusing on real world scenarios, and teaching students top skills that can be used on the job. The comment that we receive the most in class and on our evaluation is “It was like the instructor has visited my company! They knew allot of the problems we are experiencing. They used our specific problem and data to show us how to statistically analyze the problem and start to see solutions.”

I completed my Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification through a public course from Six Sigma Development Solutions. I look forward to continuing my training by completing my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training through Six Sigma Development Solutions . The reason I’ll go back is they provided excellent in-depth training and their hands-on approach to learning combined with comprehensive material makes the course an excellent value for the money. Kevin Clay (my instructor) was a detailed oriented instructor and mentor with excellent experience and ability to explain highly technical concepts and principles in a manner that is easily understood. He taught me how to think outside of the box with the tools you have, in addition to adding other valuable tools to my problem-solving toolbox. It was truly an honor and pleasure to attend Kevin’s classes and take advantage of his unique blend of skills and experience. I highly recommend Six Sigma Development Solutions services to any organization seeking Lean Six Six Sigma training.

Dean Djorgov

Business Analyst at Omnicell, Omnicell

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“Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc. is absolutely the real deal! I have personally taken the LSSBB public training in Austin, Texas (I am in Washington, DC). I currently have LSSBB, but my emphasis was on LEAN and taking LSSBB course again has helped me to understand streamlining process not only by removing waste, but also by reducing variation with the use of statistics and statistical tools such as MiniTab.

The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and their practical experience of more than 20 years each has helped me make sense of the material that may seem otherwise overwhelming. They are  calm, detailed, patient, a wealth of knowledge, prepared, personable, reliable, and amazing practitioners.

Six Sigma Development Solutions has put together comprehensive tools for their participants – and if coupled with effort on your part, their is no way you will not be belted within 3-4 months. As an aspiring MBB, I have used his tools to train yellow belts for my company and its funny how now everyone wants to be a part of the LSS family. The process definitely work – its proven for sure!

Eric Stukes

Continuous Process Improvement Manager, Navy Program Executive Office for Digital and Enterprise Services

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