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Certified as an an Accredited Training Organization with the International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC)

"The IASSC Accredited Training Organization (ATO) designation validates Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc. has demonstrated adequate management systems, courseware with a high degree of correlation to the subject matter contained in the IASSC Bodies of Knowledge, delivery schema consistent with such content and highly qualified instructors."

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Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma


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SSDSI’s Six Sigma Training program is the single quickest and simplest to develop your Lean Six Sigma core group. SSDSI can train your Lean Six Sigma White Belts in minimal time. Whilst, offering incentive for potential champions to progress to yellow and green belts, rapidly. The speed presented by online learning is assisted by the personal touch, which focuses on live lectures by Kevin Clay and an open offer to answer questions via phone or email. SSDSI may have the key to help you or your company step up, long term sustainable production goals. Surprise yourself with Six Sigma Development Solutions Inc.

Sarah Blackman
Brigita Pty Ltd | Director


Kevin has provided high quality Lean Six Sigma training to over 120 of my hourly and salary associates. His approach is user friendly yet has appropriate detail and rigor to impart understanding at the intended level of the student. He has received high marks from our team, and they have requested him personally for additional training sessions. As a Six Sigma Master Black Belt myself, I respect Kevin’s calm demeanor, drive for results, and his deep subject expertise. On a strategic level, Kevin works closely with management to ensure his Lean Six Sigma training objectives match the continuous improvement philosophy and nomenclature of the host company. He is easy to work with and effective, I would recommend him to any company looking to have professional instruction in lean, six sigma, and theory of constraints

Chris McHugh
Operations Executive in Automotive, Industrial, and Medical Products

Having recently taken a Lean Six Sigma Training with SSDSI Instructors, I found that their personable style and in-depth knowledge/experiences proved to make the perfect blend, which kept me engaged throughout the five-day seminar. They did a wonderful job of getting the dozen or so participants equally engaged, making it a highly interactive program. I’d gladly take a training session again with any of the Instructors from SSDSI!

Ronald (Ron) Niland
Associate Director, Project Management at Gilead Sciences


I thouroughly enjoyed Lean Six Sigma Training from Kevin Clay. His background and knowledge of the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies are indepth and comprehensive. While being very professional and attentive to the needs of the class, he makes the time enjoyable by using real life examples and humor during the Lean Six Sigma Training.

His style of instruction is very clear and concise. When needed, he is able to explain the concepts using a variety of examples which help the students comprehend and relate to the materials presented.

If I was an owner of a business, not only would I utilize him in training employees in Six Sigma and Lean but would also seek his consulting expertise to ensure the business was running efficiently and effectively

Elizabeth (Holbrook) Spence
Sr. Manager, Americas Customer Order Management Levi Strauss

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