What is a Six Sigma Green Belt?

Lean Six Sigma Green Belts are employees who have been trained in Six Sigma Green Belt level improvement methods and will be leading continuous process improvement groups as part of their regular job. This allows for more time by company leaders and champions to be spent on strategy building and decision-making components of the Lean Six Sigma project planning process. The Green Belts are better able to understand the entire process and work closely with subject matter experts (SMEs) to achieve performance goals.

Depending on the organization, Lean Six Sigma Green Belts can expect to spend between 10-25% of their time on Lean Six Sigma projects. Lean Six Sigma Green Belts are responsible for data collection and analysis within their project teams. Facilitation skills and the ability to lead root cause analysis sessions help them improve team dynamics and function.

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What is the Salary of a Six Sigma Green Belt?

Companies around the globe are looking for Lean Six Sigma Green Belts to reduce costs and eliminate waste. The Green Belt is a valuable investment. They are recognized by employers as an investment because they have been trained to use Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies to avoid defects and improve customer satisfaction.

A 2016 publication revealed the salaries of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified employees. The data showed that New York had the highest median annual salary of $92,510. Houston was next with $86,375, and Minneapolis with $84,181.

According to the Average Salary by State or Province for Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: California had the highest annual median salary with $88,114. Texas was next at $81,842 and Michigan $73,560, respectively. This is a list of seven states and provinces. With the arrival of 2022, Lean Six Sigma will be more important than ever. It is anticipated that the median annual salary in the United States will reach $110,000.

Six sigma Green Belt salary

Should I invest in a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt?

Some facts to know before you decide to invest your time, and money in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training.

Lean Six Sigma projects can benefit every company

Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Projects can be used by every job function in every industry. Green Belt Certification is applicable to any industry, no matter what it may be – manufacturing, sales, finance, marketing, or the back office. It expands your process improvement toolkit and gives your team the ability to identify the most appropriate tool and when.

Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc’s Green Belt Training allows learners to apply Lean Six Sigma concepts before they are certified. This will allow you to see improvements immediately. Everyone who is Green Belt Certified will be better equipped to reduce waste.

Learn about Six Sigma Development Solution’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Sometimes the most powerful tools are the most basic

Process improvement doesn’t have to be difficult. The most effective tools and techniques are often those that are the most basic.

It is best to focus on the methods and tools that are most helpful to Green Belts if learners want to improve their process. Six Sigma Development Solution’s training does not require you to learn every graph or statistical test. Your team will instead focus on the methods and tools that are most effective in improving your results.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belts work on projects within their functional areas, but their training provides a much more extensive view of the organization.

Green Belt Training concepts and tools were created to encourage engagement and collaboration among learners. Your team members will gain valuable exposure to processes and people within the organization as they work on their Green Belt projects. This will allow them to have a deeper understanding of the business.

Green Belt training will never be obsolete

Green Belt Certification is all about problem-solving, root cause analysis and other skills that your company needs every day, regardless of industry. While Lean Six Sigma tools may be updated over time, it is a philosophy that improves, but the principles and methodology will remain relevant.

This means that your team’s Green Belt training won’t become obsolete regardless of changes in roles or functions.

Implementing Lean Six Sigma is not easy for everyone

Some organizations may not have had the best experiences with Lean Six Sigma. However, this is not due to the methodology or tools. This is usually due to how the training and implementation was done.

Your organization’s needs will determine the best way to implement Lean Six Sigma training. There are many ways to simplify deployment and minimize the risk of failure.

Six Sigma Development Solution’s Green Belt Training guides students to the best implementation methods. Partnering with us guarantees you the right strategy, timeline, and tools to help you train your team and create a culture that encourages Continuous Improvement.

Six Sigma follows the mantra “creativity before capital.”

Many organizations will hire consultants when they face process problems. While consultants have their place, they can also be detrimental to an employee’s ability to problem-solve and contribute to real process improvements.

Our Green Belt Training equips team members with the skills and tools that will support their creativity, as Lean Six Sigma adheres to the principle of “Creativity first before Cash.” Your organization can harness the power of creativity to improve its processes, increase profits and reduce costs, without having to pay for external help.

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification follows DMAIC

While Lean Six Sigma content may be varied, the structure follows the DMAIC (Define, Measure Analyze, and Improve, Control) methodology.

Six Sigma Green Belt DMAIC process
Green Belt Six Sigma Certified

The DMAIC methodology is a 5-phase process improvement system that addresses unknown causes. It is a formal method that allows teams to investigate process issues and produce quantifiable, long-lasting results.

Green Belt certification builds problem-solving muscles.

Lean Six Sigma can transform your team into problem-solving heroes – and that’s something your company will never lack!

Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc. Green Belt standardizes basic problem-solving knowledge and provides a solid foundation to a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence. We believe that learning is best when it’s done. Therefore, we make it easy for our team members to use what they have learned, which means they spend less time training, and more time achieving results.

Learn about Six Sigma Development Solution’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Why should you get a certification?

Lean Six Sigma certification gives you the tools to solve complex problems across many industries. Learning about Lean Six Sigma and the DMAIC methodology will prepare you to solve complex problems in any role. These new skills will allow you to initiate and complete continuous improvement projects that improve efficiency and quality, as well as the bottom line.

Why is Six Sigma Certification Important to You?

Problem-solving is a learned skill and Lean Six Sigma Black and Green belt certification programs can help you learn how solve problems effectively.

Green Belt Six Sigma Certified

Earning a Lean Six Sigma certification and applying Lean Six Sigma principles to your business can help you stand out from the rest. Leaders are attracted to professionals who can demonstrate tangible results from their projects. You could also gain extensive knowledge about your company, which could help you to build a reputation in your organization for being a subject matter expert.