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Two Options to Access our Live Virtual Classrooms (LVC)


  • LVC Only Option: Sign up for one of the scheduled LVC courses on this page (near the bottom right hand side). These courses are attended by only virtual students and the instructor is remote from all students. We provide this option to students who want only to attend with other virtual students.
  • Hybrid Option: This option is our most popular because it gives you the option to register for any of our live public courses in any of our training sites. We have multiple training’s happening every week in all of our sites. To register to access one of our live public courses as a Live Virtual Classroom student, please go to our Lean Six Sigma Training page.

I attended  the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course via Live Virtual Classroom and I was very impressed. I work in a large organization where we continually have IT difficulties, video calls dropping, loss of sound etc., but the platform provided by DSI for the virtual classroom performed perfectly. Personal camera profiles made it feel like you were in the room and a fully engaged member of the team. Activities have been designed specifically for the virtual classroom so you benefit equally whether you are present or not. For me, the flexibility of the virtual classroom was great, on the first day I was able to log in from my kitchen then drive to the office at lunch and finish the course there. The black belt course is coming to Salt Lake City very soon (where I am based) but I might just attend virtually again!

Andy Durant

Lean Lab Deployment Leader, Health, RB

Online Live Virtual Classroom Certification Training

Our Live Virtual Classroom Certification courses are full of Virtual Games, Videos and Interactive tools.


Online Virtual Games and Simulations

We will be using fun online simulations like a Virtual Cannon to learn the Importance of Statistics and Data when Solving a Process problem.

Online Root Cause Analysis Tools

In the Virtual Class we will use Powerful Root Cause Analysis Tools. Each student will be able to collaborate with each other and the instructor as we use the Root Cause Analysis tools to potentially solve a problem relating to each students organization

Interactive and Collaborative

The Instructors will keep you engaged and excited as they allow you to take the reigns and guide the class through your understanding of the Lean Six Sigma tools.

Scheduled Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Live Virtual Classroom (LVC) Courses:

05/06/2019 - 05/10/2019


Scheduled Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Live Virtual Classroom (LVC) Courses:

No Events

I recently attended the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt class in a hybrid class (students onsite in the classroom and virtual students attending online). I was one of three students that attended virtually. I found the session to be completely engaging throughout the class. With all students being on GoToMeeting with their video’s on, it felt like we were all present. In addition, the multiple hands on exercises and group activities were a great plus of the class. I feel I was able to get full value from the class, even from a virtual perspective.

Tim Issler

IT Service Management Analyst, Cotiviti

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