Cause and Effect Matrix Online Training (Complete with Certification)



The Lean Six Sigma C&E Matrix Online Training video is 60 minutes in length. After the video, as an assignment, you will be asked to complete the Critical Elements of the C&E Matrix.

You can download the Lean Six Sigma C&E Matrix template at

There will be a quiz at the end of the module. Once the Course is completed and the exam is passed, you will be immediately awarded a Certificate of Completion

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Cause and Effect Matrix Online Training

A Cause and Effect Matrix is a tool to help the Six Sigma project team to Prioritize the X’s or Process Inputs.

The Cause and Effect Matrix relates Process Steps to Process Inputs (X’s) and correlates the Inputs to Process Outputs.

In a Cause and Effect Matrix, Customer Requirements (or Y’s) are ranked by order of importance to the Customer.

The Inputs (X’s) and Outputs are rated by their interaction impact. The Cause and Effect Matrix should determine what Key Inputs Process Input Variables (KPIV’s) should get the most attention.

Step #1: Enter the Customer Outputs (Y’s).These Outputs comes from the “O” (Output) in the SIPOC. There should be no less than three Outputs under the “O” in the SIPOC(R) so therefore there will be no less than three Outputs in the Cause and Effect Matrix.
C&E Matrix - Customer Output
Step #2: Rate the Importance of the Process Outputs to the Customer. Use a 1-10 Ranking. 1 being the Least Important and 10 being the Most Important.
C&E Matrix - Ratings of Customers Importance
Step #3: List the Steps of the Process. These are found on the Input Map. Repeat the steps for the amount of Process Inputs for that Step. For Example, the Step “Setup” in this example has five Inputs so we repeat “Setup” in five rows.
C&E Matrix - Process Steps
Here is an Example of the Input Map where the “Process Steps” and “Process Inputs” are found:
C&E Matrix - Inputs
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