Best Lean Process Improvement Certification

A Lean Manufacturing Process Improvement Certification/certificate framework improves efficiency, reduces waste, and increases training productivity. This has led to a high demand for lean manufacturing professionals in the industry. High demand leads to increased competition. Therefore, companies prefer candidates with better certifications and more practical skills.

Employers can use certifications to prove their knowledge. Not all certifications are created equally.

Below is a list of some of the most popular certifications for managers in lean manufacturing. These certifications will not only give you an edge when job hunting is underway, but they will also help increase your overall value.

What makes a successful certification program?

Good certification programs ensure that you have not only the technical knowledge but also demonstrate lean skills. Blended learning should include books, classes, conferences, and site visits. Real-life experiences are better than simulations. This will allow you to be more confident in your lean journey. Recertification is required to maintain your credential. A quality certification program promotes self-improvement. Recertification allows you to continue to learn, reflect and gain new insights.

10 Best Lean Manufacturing Process Improvement Certifications

1-. Six Sigma Development Solutions Inc.

This course SSDSI offers is full of games, videos, and simulations. Master Black Belt Instructors will help you to identify a project that will help you to effectively learn the tools and methodology of LEAN and earn your LEAN Certification in less than three months. SSDSI Master Black Belts will be available to Mentor you through each stage of your LEAN Certification project.

The Lean Certification course includes:

This course is for those who want to be educated in the LEAN Methodologies of Streamlining a Process. There are many ways to organize your lean six sigma process to recover Time, Quality, and Bottom Line Benefits.

2-. Lean Manufacturing Course by Vskills

This course’s process improvement framework is highly effective in assessing participants’ ability to design, implement, and maintain lean principles for manufacturing. Vskills certification has a high acceptance rate. It assesses candidates in areas such as waste elimination using Kaizen, 5S and SMED, Kanban Card system, Kanban Card System, Visual Management, One-piece flow production, TPM, and creating roadmaps for lean manufacturing.

3-. Lean in manufacturing and services by Coursera

This course is a mixture of the experiences of senior practitioners and experts who offer knowledge about Lean manufacturing and service. This course provides deep knowledge of the subject and deep insight into the art of continuous improvement. This course is recommended for anyone who wants to learn the basics of Lean manufacturing and gain relevant skills.

4-. Certified Lean Specialist | Lean Management by Udemy

This course is for you, whether you’re a newbie or an experienced professional who wants to improve your skills. This Lean Management program covers both the theory and practical application of Lean tools. The program is divided into two sections, which each explains in detail the Lean tools.

What is a process improvement certificate
What is a process improvement certificate?

5-. Lean Production by

This course from edX teaches how to apply Lean Production’s key elements, such as reducing setup time and minimizing inventory, to Kaizen and 5S to increase quality and productivity in the workplace. After completing this course, you will be able to start a career as a Lean producer and manager.

6-. Lean Six Sigma Foundations by Pluralsight

This process improvement training course teaches you the history, principles, and philosophy of Lean, as well as the structure, purpose, and practices of Six Sigma. This certification is also available to candidates who wish to take the Lean Six Sigma White and Yellow Belt certification exams from CSSC.

7-. Lean Management Certification Training Course by Simplilearn

This course’s process improvement framework will help you understand the core concepts of Lean management so that you can increase customer value efficiently, identify inefficient activities, and improve your processes through small, consistent changes. You’ll also learn how to implement Lean techniques and tools for your business, which will allow you to put your knowledge into practice.

8-. Lean Manufacturing Professional Certification by ISEL

This professional-level course helps you to implement Lean tools by learning from case studies and applying them in real life. This course will equip you to be a professional by providing you with knowledge at all levels. You will be able to increase your knowledge and grow in your career after completing this course. This course is a great choice if you’re looking for this kind of thing.

9-. Productive Management with Fundamental Tools by Alison

The process improvement framework covers the principles of Kaizen Lean Management, as well as basic tools such as 5S (housekeeping), Kanban (scheduling systems), and Quality circles, which bring Lean cultural changes.

10-. Lean Manufacturing Training by Quality Training Portal

This process improvement training provides in-depth Lean Manufacturing knowledge. It teaches the fundamental Lean concepts (e.g., why lean, terminology, and linkage between Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing) as well as lean practices such as streamlining the value stream and ensuring consistency, predictability, set up reduction, the visual workplace, and persistent improvement.

Professional Lean Six Sigma Certification vs. University Certification

To receive a professional process improvement training certificate, you must pass an exam at a recognized institution. There are two types of professional certifications: one that is independent and the other is university-level. Both are valid for most industries. You should consult your employer and your peers to determine the best certification for you. ASQ and IASSC are the most recognized certifications. When studying Lean Six Sigma courses, make sure to choose courses that correspond with these exams. Different certifications have different requirements. For example, ASQ Green Belt Certification requires 3+ years of experience in Six Sigma projects, while IASSC does not require any prior experience to pass the exam.

Lean Manufacturing Responsibilities

One is required to be a Lean producer.

  • Implement Lean Manufacturing strategies and objectives.
  • Improve operations and processes within an organization
  • Assess activities that promote continuous improvement.
  • Plan for optimizing performance and processes.

Skills of a Lean Manufacturing Practitioner

Let’s start by discussing the fundamental skills required for Lean manufacturing process improvement certificate excellence. These skills are:

  • Ability to solve problems
  • Creativity
  • Customer focus
  • Analytical approach
  • Management skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Teamwork
  • Written and oral communication

Benefits of Being Certified

What are the benefits of a lean manufacturing process improvement certification?
What are the benefits of a lean manufacturing process improvement certification?

The three main reasons to complete a lean manufacturing process improvement certificate are:

  1. Credibility. Certifications from well-respected schools, programs, or courses provide proof of your competence. Accredited schools can award top certifications that prove you are qualified to work in a specific industry.
  2. Marketability. A certification in a particular field can make you stand out in a highly competitive market. Employers naturally gravitate towards those with a Certified Information Systems Security Professional ( CISSP) certification, even though self-taught individuals can be very knowledgeable.
  3. Staying current. Many programs require recertification every year or on a regular basis. This will increase your employer’s value and help you stand out from the rest.

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