Six Sigma “Improve” Tollgate Review (Plus Free Template)

A Tollgate Review will help you determine if the goals in a DMAIC stage have been completed and whether you can move on to the next stage.

A Six Sigma Improve Tollgate Review is like a checkpoint at which the various team members meet with a Project Champion and determine whether the work has been performed as indicated in the project plan as well as whether the objectives mentioned have been achieved.

Improve Tollgate Review:

Have Lean Improvements been implemented to streamline the Process before any optimization efforts take place?

Generating (And Testing) Possible Solutions

  • How did the team generate the list of possible solutions?
  • What tools were used to tap into the creativity and encourage ‘outside the box’ thinking?

Selecting the Best Solution(s)

  • What tools were used to evaluate the potential solutions?
  • Were any criteria developed to assist the team in testing and evaluating potential solutions?
  • Are there any constraints (technical, political, cultural, or otherwise) that would inhibit certain solutions?
  • Was a pilot designed for the proposed solution(s)?
  • Describe the design of the pilot and what tests were conducted, if any?
  • What conclusions were drawn from the outcomes of the pilot?
  • What lessons, if any, from the pilot were incorporated into the design of the full-scale solution?

Designing the “Implementation Plan”

  • Has the team developed an Implementation Plan?
  • What poka-yoke or error proofing will be done to address some of the discrepancies observed in the ‘as is’ process?
  • How does the solution remove the key sources of variation discovered in the analyze phase?
  • What communications are necessary to support the implementation of the solution?
  • How will the team or the process owner(s) monitor the implementation plan to see that it is working as intended?
  • What is the team’s contingency plan for potential problems occurring in implementation?
  • How will the organization know that the solution worked?

Improve Stage Deliverables:

  • Revised problem statement reflecting an increased understanding of the problem
  • Implementation plan developed and communicated
  • Optimal solution selected based on testing and analysis.
  • Small-scale pilot for proposed improvement(s).
  • Pilot data collected and analyzed.
  • Solution implementation plan established, including schedule/work breakdown structure, resources, risk management plan, cost/budget, and control plan.
  • Contingency plan established.
  • Validate improvements via capability studies
  • Red flags and recommendations for resolving them defined
  • Next steps documented
  • Approval of report out signed by Project Champion