Six Sigma “Improve” Phase Tollgate Review: Free Template

First, you may be wondering; What is an “Improve” phase Tollgate Review in Six Sigma? A Tollgate Review process is a series of questions and deliverables that will help you determine if the goals in each DMAIC stage have been completed and whether you can move on to the next stage.

A Six Sigma “Improve” Tollgate Review process is like a checkpoint at which the various team members meet with a Project Champion and determine whether the work has been performed as indicated in the project plan, as well as, whether the objectives mentioned have been achieved.

Six Sigma Improve Phase – Tollgate Review

Before any optimization efforts take place; have any Lean Improvements been implemented to streamline the process before?

Generating (and Testing) Possible Solutions

  • How did the team generate the list of possible solutions?
  • What tools were used to tap into creativity and encourage ‘outside the box’ thinking?
What is the improve phase of six sigma?
What is the improve phase of six sigma?

Selecting the Best Solution(s)

  • What tools were used to evaluate the potential solutions?
  • Were any criteria developed to assist the team in testing and evaluating potential solutions?
  • Are there any constraints (technical, political, cultural, or otherwise) that would inhibit certain solutions?
  • Was a pilot designed for the proposed solution(s)?
  • Describe the design of the pilot and what tests were conducted, if any.
  • What conclusions were drawn from the outcomes of the pilot?
  • What lessons, if any, from the pilot were incorporated into the design of the full-scale solution?

Designing the “Implementation Plan”

  • Has the team developed an Implementation Plan?
  • What poka-yoke or error-proofing will be implemented to address some of the discrepancies observed in the ‘as is’ process?
  • How does the solution remove the key sources of variation discovered in the analysis phase?
  • What communications are necessary to support the implementation of the solution?
  • How will the team or the process owner(s) monitor the implementation plan to see that it is working as intended?
  • What is the team’s contingency plan for potential problems occurring in implementation?
  • How will the organization know that the solution worked?

Improve Stage Deliverables:

  • Revised problem statement reflecting an increased understanding of the problem
  • Implementation plan developed and communicated
  • The optimal solution was selected based on testing and analysis.
  • Small-scale pilot for proposed improvement(s).
  • Pilot data were collected and analyzed.
  • Solution implementation plan established, including schedule/work breakdown structure, resources, risk management plan, cost/budget, and control plan.
  • A contingency plan was established.
  • Validate improvements via capability studies
  • Red flags and recommendations for resolving them defined
  • Next steps documented
  • Approval of report out signed by Project Champion