What is the First Step to Certification?

“Filling the tea cup with a fire hose”

I get a lot of calls and emails from people wanting to pursue a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt certification. Most want it as a resume builder or a way to advance in their company. These are great goals! Unfortunately, many who start the journey to certification never finish.

Have you ever heard the saying “filling the tea cup with a fire hose”? This is what happens to many who attempt to get a Green Belt or a Black Belt Certification. They find the requirements too overwhelming. This leads to procrastination, stalled certification projects, and certification requirements that don’t get completed by the deadline.

How To Avoid This Problem?

The first step is to “learn to crawl before you walk.”

In most formal education systems, a person progresses from grade school, to high school and then to college. Lean Six Sigma Certification should be followed in a similar pattern.

The First Step

We suggest the first step in your education and certification should be to earn a Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification.

A snippit from our website describing the White Belt course: “The Lean and Six Sigma White Belt Certification Course is an interactive course to introduce the fundamental principles of a LEAN Enterprise with an Introduction to Six Sigma. You will learn how the two methodologies work in synergy to give you and overall process improvement strategy.”

Once you complete the course and an exam, you will be awarded a Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certificate.


What’s Next?

Once you get your certification, you will either be excited to take the next step, or you will decide to stop at the White Belt training. If you decide to stop, you will have a Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certificate to show for your efforts. If you are excited to continue, then the next step is to earn your Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification.

A question I usually get asked is: “If I take the White Belt course, am I adding more time to class time than if I were just to progress to the Green Belt?”

That is a great question!

The answer is no. Most training organizations teach each of the certifications in a modular fashion. This means that if the Green Belt course is a 40 hour course and the White Belt is a 4 hour course, when you take the White Belt course you have also completed 4 hours of your Green Belt. The difference is, if you jump straight into the Green Belt and do not finish, then you will have no tangible certification to show for your efforts.