Are there FREE Excel alternatives to Minitab?

We get asked this question a lot. Many companies or individuals do not want to incur the expense for Minitab or other costly statistical analysis tools. Another reason this question is often asked is because most people are more comfortable with Microsoft Excel.

The answer is YES!

There is are free Microsoft Excel alternatives to Minitab for statistical analysis. Excel has an add-on called the Data Analysis Tool-pack. Plus there are many templates that have been developed and are available on the web.

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This is a reference to Microsoft Excel alternative tools and templates to Minitab statistical analysis that are taught in our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt course. Below you will find YouTube videos and websites explaining the different tools.

Free Microsoft Excel Built In Graphs

These statistical analyses are created in MS Excel using tools other than the Data Analysis Tool (i.e., using MS Excel’s different default graphing functions)

Microsoft Excel Data Analysis Tool

These statistical analyses use the MS Excel Data Analysis Tool. We have also included an article explaining the different data analysis tool’s and how to load the MS Excel add-in.

Third-Party Templates that work with Excel

I have attached MS Excel templates to perform the statistical analyses functions below in Excel that we teach in our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course using Minitab. **These tools were not developed nor are maintained by any Six Sigma Development Solution, Inc. employee.


There are free Microsoft Excel alternative tools to Minitab (and other costly) statistical analysis tools. The plus side of these tools is that they have no cost but the downside is their limited functionality.

If you know of other free Excel alternatives to costly statistical analysis tools, let us know in the comments below…