Multi Vari Chart Data Collection

Have you have ever watched “The Christmas Story”? There is a scene when Ralphie is trying to decode the Code that he has compiled over weeks of listening to a Little Orphan Annie Radio Show. Multi-Vari Chart Data set will help with this example.

He had to have the secret decoder ring to decipher the message.

We are in the same predicament that Ralphie was in. The process is trying to tell us something, but it is in code.

We can’t decipher that code until we have the “Decoder Ring”.

The “Decoder Ring” in our case is Statistical Analyses through any of the many tools like Minitab or SAS.

The code is given to us in data. We can collect this data in a Multi-Vari Data collection sheet like the example below:

multi vari chart example data
Multi-Vari Chart Data set example

This Multi-Vari Data collection sheet follows a core equation in Six Sigma: Y=f(X1,X2,X3 …Xn). The equation simply means that the Y (in the case of the picture above “Flight Time”) is a function of all the X’s that created each individual Flight Time (in the picture above, each Flight Time or Y is in a separate row of data).

The multiple rows of data tell a story in “code” about the statistically significant inputs that affect the Y. Most of us can only read the story by using statistics.

Now it is time to use the Statistical Tools that you leaned in your Lean Six Sigma Course to find the Statistically Significant X’s.