7 Companies That Use Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma’s implementation was originally developed to improve quality in manufacturing, but now the concept is being used to help companies with various business processes. Over time, the concept has evolved to include sectors such as hospitality, healthcare and aviation, service, finance, engineering, and supply chain management. Six Sigma has been implemented by many international companies in conjunction with Lean, to improve delivery speeds while maintaining product quality. As a result, the job market for lean experts is growing rapidly. In order to meet the increasing expectations of Six Sigma experts, more professionals are obtaining Six Sigma Certifications. Six Sigma Training can teach you this technique.

Top 7 Six Sigma Companies

These are the top six companies who have implemented Six Sigma:

  1. 3M
  2. McKesson Business
  3. Abbot
  4. Textron
  5. Chevron
  6. Xerox
  7. BAE Systems
  8. Bank of America

1. 3M

This list is topped by 3M with its headquarters located in Maplewood, Minnesota. Its corporate Lean Six Sigma initiatives are credited for this, as well as other growth plans such as international sourcing and productivity, cost control, etc. The Lean Six Sigma employees of this American multinational company have completed over 30,000 successful -based Six Sigma projects. Join 3m’s Talent Community to find a job that matches your qualifications. You’ll enjoy the work environment and compensation package.

2. McKesson Business

Lean Six Sigma has helped the company reach benchmark performance. This is true whether it’s through McKesson’s strategy of geriatric formularies or important hospital priorities. What would you do to use your Lean Six Sigma knowledge to improve the company’s internal service and savings capabilities? In addition to several opportunities for quality and process improvement, the package offered here would also include unique advantages, advanced learning, and more. McKesson Corp was included on the list created by iSixSigma in 2010.

3. Abbot

Lean Six Sigma experts at Abbott create proactive approaches to wellness and health. If you have your Lean Six Sigma certificate, then Abbot is the place for you. They will encourage your growth through extensive learning, competitive pay, and a rewarding work environment. Abbott was awarded the Shingo Prize at the international level for operational excellence by the Shingo Institute of Utah State University’s Jon M. Huntsman Business School.

4. Textron

Textron is a multi-industry firm with over 34,000 employees. It’s known for its Lean Six Sigma Solutions. The company is known for its cutting-edge systems and solutions, and it serves aerospace, financial, industrial, and defense organizations on a worldwide scale. It has many Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified professionals on its roster. Textron offers a great business opportunity if your clients include E-Z-GO Greenlee Bell Helicopter Cessna Hawker Kautex Jacobsen Lycoming etc.

5. Chevron

Chevron’s leadership and Six Sigma are inseparable. Chevron Corp., (USA), winner of BSI’s 2010 Oil and Gas Supply Chain Excellence Award has exceeded financial benefits by $500 million thanks to its Lean Six Sigma efforts. The company is looking for Six Sigma-certified professionals to join its expanding workforce. They will be following a set of principles called the “Chevron way.” Your experience in dealing with significant QM challenges could make you the perfect fit!

6. Xerox

Xerox is listed prominently on the Fortune 500 list. The company, based in Norwalk (Connecticut), was founded in 1908. Xerox Corp. incorporated Six Sigma technologies implementations and processes to offer straightforward solutions to difficult challenges. This was done to keep up with the dynamic changes in the industry. The Company’s use of cutting-edge technologies and services has had a significant impact on both its business results and customer experience, earning it a place on our list.

7. BAE Systems

Want to be part of a company that is specialized in aerospace, defense, and security, but also has a high-quality workplace? BAE Systems, with its global workforce of 83,400, is seeking Lean Six Sigma experts to join its diverse team. Lean Six Sigma is used in the majority of projects, and BAE Systems pays its employees and apprentices well while honoring them. Try it.

8. Bank of America

Bank of America, a leading American financial services and investment bank, operates in 40 countries around the world. The company operates in over 40 countries around the world, with Trading Asset at 11% during the first quarter of 2018.

In 2011, the organization decided to adopt Lean Six Sigma as a program to improve operational efficiency. Bank of America’s management realized that Lean Six Sigma implementations were the best way to measure the efficiency of their company’s operation.

Bank of America conducts its business by focusing primarily on numerical data, which includes the number of complaints, the time required for processing credit cards, and the time necessary to respond to feedback (Stoiljkovic Milosavljevic & Randjelovic 2010). Prior to Lean Six Sigma, the customer satisfaction of investment banking was low in the area of process quality. The bank was able to eliminate traditional problems like late posting of transactions, encoding mistakes, and omissions on customer statements. Bank of America was listed today as one of the Top 10 Investment Banks of the World.

What are the benefits of six sigma implementations?
What are the benefits of Six Sigma implementations?

Benefits of Lean Six Sigma in Businesses

Professionals with a Six Sigma certificate may reap significant benefits. In a few seconds, you’ll see what a Six Sigma certificate can do for you.

1. Reduce waste

Six Sigma philosophy aims to help you and your company reduce waste by streamlining processes. The special technique will allow you to identify and eliminate wasteful areas within your business, saving time, money, and resources.

2. You will be more effective.

Six Sigma can help you to further optimize your operations and reduce waste. Formal training can help you maximize the efficiency of your current business operations.

3. Make fewer mistakes

Six Sigma is a system that considers both quality and process equally. You can save time and money by making your product perfect from the start because you cannot “undo” the production work.

4. Your business will be less exposed to legal risks.

It may sound too good to be true, but the same procedure that can save you money also protects you from a possible legal cost. Six Sigma’s dedication to quality can help you adhere to international compliance standards by adopting this technique.

5. This product can be used in all sectors.

Six Sigma can be applied in virtually any industry. You name it, from higher education to industry or healthcare. The methods and resources that businesses learn in training can be used to boost revenue and save money.

6. You will generate more income

You can’t purchase happiness with money, but you could buy a wonderful trip! The majority of Black Belt holders report earning above $100,000, and the average wage increase for Six Sigma-certified employees is 19% per level.

What are the benefits of Lean six sigma implementation?
What are the benefits of Lean Six Sigma implementation?

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