Is there such a thing as a Lean Six Sigma Project for the Unemployed?

Is there such a thing as a Lean Six Sigma Project for the Unemployed? In our public enrollment courses, we teach people who are gainfully employed and those between employment about the lean six sigma tools.

Those students that are between jobs usually have the same question: “How can I complete cost savings or six sigma project if I am unemployed?”

We teach Lean, and Six Sigma tools in classes all over the U.S. (as well as abroad) and a good number of the students that we teach are not from an organization. These students are unemployed and looking for a “resume booster.”

Most of them are somewhat fearful of making the investment in a Lean and/or Six Sigma certification because they cannot wrap their heads around how they are going to take on a cost savings project when they do not presently work for an organization.

There are many organizations struggling in the United States, especially now in the economic “downturn.” There are many small to mid-size for-profit organizations that presently do not have the means to hire a consultant. We ask our students if they know of any of these companies, and we always get a resounding “yes”.

We always tell them “What is the worst they can tell you when you offer a ‘Pro Bono’ Lean and/or Six Sigma project to help them improve?”

What are lean tools in six sigma?
What are lean tools in six sigma?

There are many non-profit organizations that are struggling to serve their communities because they do not have the talent to “streamline” processes. We ask our students if there is a food bank in their area; this is the perfect place for a project.

Another suggestion we often have as a source for potential projects is students’ local churches or other places of worship. What better organization to improve?

Remember, Lean and Six Sigma are not just for employees, but they are for anyone who can look at any process systemically and see that it can be improved.

Can you think of a way that an individual “between jobs” can get Lean and Six Sigma Project experience to complete the requirements for a Lean and Six Sigma Green/Black Belt? Share your thoughts in the comments below.