Andon Board

Andon board is a system that informs employees about the status of a process and alerts them when there’s an issue. The Toyota Andon Board is the name of the system that was first implemented by Toyota. It consisted of a large display board showing operational status, which was visible from all sides.

The dashboard of a car is an example of Andon, which people see every day. A dashboard light will light up when a car’s systems detect problems such as low oil levels or burned-out lights. The driver can then correct the problem.

Toyota used the Andon Board as part of its first visual factory. This allowed everyone to see the status and any issues that could cause a halt to the flow. Andon has been used in other business areas as well.

Types of Andon

An Andon visual transmits information to all involved in a process, regardless of its form. A full Andon Board is a board that has lights. It typically uses a three-color scheme to indicate operation status.

  • Green: Everything works optimally.
  • Yellow When a problem is detected, a manager responds within the timeframe set by company policy.
  • Red The manager can’t fix the problem within the time limit for “yellow lights” issues. The problem must be fixed before the process can continue.

Andon systems can be either manual or automatic. Manual Andon systems require human intervention. An employee may notice a defective piece of equipment on the floor. The employee must then push a button pull a cord or do some other action to notify everyone.

An automated Andon is a type of technology that detects an issue and sends an alert.

Because of its many benefits, Andon board systems are popular among companies. Transparency is achieved by setting up a visual system that alerts everyone when problems arise. This also reduces costs as managers can immediately correct any defect in a process.

In an age of instant communication, Andon boards can take many forms. You can use group text or direct messaging to alert others when there is a problem with a task. This could be used to stop a project.

Amazon uses a ” Virtual Andon”, which it also uses to provide customer service. When a customer reports a defective product or if the product description is not accurate, an automated system alerts representatives. If the problem is persistent, representatives can take steps to stop shipment.

The Amazon Virtual Andon also allows companies to monitor their manufacturing equipment, devices, and events. This allows them to predict problems and shift to proactive maintenance.