Benefits of Lean Six Sigma in The Military & Navy

Enrolling in Lean Six Sigma Certification Training will give military, navy, and defense personnel the tools they need to minimize defects or errors, as well as to maximize their resources (budgets/employees). This is particularly important when it comes to military or defense branches of the government. To quote the Office of Naval Research of the United States Navy, it is part of its mission to “improve the productivity of the Navy, foster innovation, and create a culture of constant change to achieve excellence”.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that utilizes statistical tools and concepts to identify variations or defects in a process.  An Accredited Lean Six Sigma Certification in Military/Defense indicates an individual has achieved a particular level of knowledge in the study and application of this methodology. This type of certification will make you a more valuable asset in any industry and enhance your career greatly.

There are some industries in which the consequences of mistakes and waste are not only detrimental to the bottom line but are severe or grave. This is especially true for the Military or Defense branches of any government. The ultimate goal of the Six Sigma Methodology is to reduce the number of defects and variables within day-to-day processes. In this way, any government can use Six Sigma to successfully improve its military and/or defense departments.

Understanding Lean Six Sigma certifications in the Military/Navy

Online Six Sigma Training is available in several Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma certifications. We offer a variety of courses including White Belt, Yellow Belt, and Green Belt certifications in military/navy programs.

Our accredited Military/Navy training and certification program provides customized learning at each level, allowing every individual to play a part in improving the processes of their organization. This multi-level strategy fosters teamwork and makes each employee feel more valued by the company.

Lean Six Sigma certification at military & navy levels

The Lean Six Sigma certification for the Military/Defense sector is similar to other professional courses in that individuals who meet the guidelines and follow the procedure are certified as being able to apply the knowledge they have gained in their field. The program is divided into several levels, and for each level, certain exam scores are required. The levels are named in the same way as martial arts certification grades, from White Belt to Master Black Belt.

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Military/Navy Program Training and Certification

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training is a great way to learn the basics about Lean Six Sigma. This training is best for employees that are not familiar with Lean Six Sigma but want to know more about how the methodology can affect an organization.

We are offering free White Belt Training and an official Lean Six Sigma White Belt certification to the public for a limited period of time. Please understand that this service is provided free of charge, and we will not be providing instructor or technical support for the Lean Six Sigma White Belt certification. This “Lean Six Sigma Certification” is also available as a Six Sigma version.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Military/Navy Program Training and Certification

The Yellow Belt course helps you understand the relationship between quality and profitability. Six Sigma Yellow Belts have received basic training in Six Sigma.

This training program will teach you how to recognize, monitor, and control profit-eating processes within your own processes. This will prepare you to share this information with Black Belts and Green Belts who are working on large-scale projects. This “Lean Six Sigma Certification” is also available as a Six Sigma version.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification in Military/Navy Program

This course is designed to train and certify employees who will be directly involved in Six Sigma projects. Our training improves your problem-solving abilities and teaches you how to use statistical methods for process improvements.

Anyone who wants to make the most of their career will benefit from Green Belt training. All industries and environments have long recognized the benefits of improving processes and experience. Six Sigma-trained employees consistently improve profitability and increase customer satisfaction. Green Belt Certified Individuals are responsible for managing small projects and supporting Black Belts with larger endeavors. This “Lean Six Sigma Certification” is also available as a ” Six Sigma ” version.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training & Certification in Military/Navy Program

This course is designed to train and certify those who will be leading Six Sigma efforts in the organization. Your employment prospects will be dramatically improved by a Six Sigma Black Belt certification. This certification certifies not only your Six Sigma knowledge but also your ability to lead efforts in the organization.

A Black Belt certified demonstrates leadership skills, has a good understanding of team dynamics, and assigns roles and responsibilities to all members of the team. Black Belts are also responsible for coaching, developing, and advising the management to reach common goals. This “Lean Six Sigma Certification” is also available as a Six Sigma version.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training & Certification in the Military

This program is an advanced one that requires the successful completion of both our Black Belt Certification Program as well as several project requirements. Please refer to our Black Belt certification page at the bottom for those who are interested in this achievement. This “Lean Six Sigma Certification” is also available as a Six Sigma version.

Benefits of Lean Six Sigma certification training in the Military/Navy

Reduce Costs By Eliminating Errors

Six Sigma is centered on eliminating all unnecessary waste from a system. Six Sigma Certified Professionals are in high demand because of this aspect. It is particularly true for military and defense positions, which are highly competitive and in demand. When lives are on the line, it is vital that military and defense processes be flawless.

Increase Quality

Quality is improved by eliminating errors in products and services. Quality improvement is taken very seriously by Military and Defense groups, as lives are often on the line. A specialized Six Sigma certification in Military and Defense can give you a huge edge when it comes to advancing your career. All of the top employers in the world invest in this skill set when it’s time to promote employees. The government is no different.

Streamlined Processes

Military and Defense Departments are well-known for their efforts to streamline operations. In the 1980s, the United States Army called this “Quality and Productivity Improving”, later they called it Total Quality Management and then “Business Process Re-Engineering”. Whatever the name, the goal is the same – to examine the process and make it better. Six Sigma is a process that is at the top of achieving this goal.

Increased Job & Salary Potential

Money is the obvious benefit. Stand out from the crowd is the best way to boost your earning potential. Six Sigma certifications are the fastest and cheapest way to achieve this. The Military and Defense Departments in any country know that Six Sigma will have a major impact on their efficiency. Six Sigma Certified employees are rewarded with higher salaries by employers.

What are the benefits of Lean Six Sigma certification training in the Military & Navy?
What are the benefits of Lean Six Sigma certification training in the military & Navy?

Job Opportunities for Lean Six Sigma Certified Professionals in Military/Defense

A Six Sigma Accredited Certification is an asset on the job market today. Six Sigma Certified professionals are highly sought after and respected. Six Sigma is used by the military to improve performance, reduce defects and open up career opportunities.

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