This company’s helpdesk team discovered what most helpdesk teams learn when they first embark on a Six Sigma journey …that only reacting to the incident tickets will never get you to a significantly improved process. By understanding the root cause, and controlling the “inputs”that create the tickets, you will see the significant reduction happen.

The helpdesk team discovered that they one of their significant inputs to Outlook Incident Tickets was due to unscheduled Internet Line outages by their provider causing Office 365 Email access to fail. They had no control over this input. What they did have control over was the way information was circulated letting users know of the outage.

In the unimproved process, information about the outage was not distributed. This led to users trying to connect to Office 365 and failing. This resulted in an increase of incident tickets.

In the improved process, a number of solutions have been employed to notify the users of an outage as soon as it happens. These solutions repeat every ½hour to keep the users informed of status. This has reduced Office 365 Email incident tickets that resulted from an outage by over 85%.