Lean Six Sigma Voice of the Process (VOP).

Lean Six Sigma VOP (Voice of the Process) has many ways to organize your six-sigma lean six-sigma process. The process is how it communicates its performance with respect to customer expectations and requirements. These communications are made possible by process metrics. They are indicators of the current status of the process. Before you make any changes or improvements, it is essential to establish a baseline. It is important to understand the current performance and variation before you alter it.

The lean six sigma Voice of the Process (VOP), is the way the process communicates with the company about performance in relation to customer expectations and needs. This communication take place via process measures, which are indicators of the current state of the process. To establish a baseline, it is important to know how the current state operates before you attempt any changes or improvements. It is crucial not to alter a process without understanding the current performance or variation.

The standard deviation and mean are the most commonly used statistical measures for a process. After these measures are calculated, it is possible to conduct a capability study. A capability study is a measurement of the standard deviation between the process mean (in sigma units) and the closest specification limit. A process’s standard deviation will increase as the mean moves from the center of tolerance. In other words, there will be fewer standard deviations between the mean and nearest specification limit. The likelihood of items not being specified increases when they are close to the limits.

What’s the lean Six Sigma VOP (Voice of the Process)?

Stable processes exhibit predictable performance. Stable processes are those that are under statistical control. This means that the process has been eliminated from any special causes of variation. Only the expected variation in performance is acceptable for the process. Performance measures are determined by the average of outcomes values that reflect the customer’s expectations.

For their most critical processes to be successful, organizations must have a reliable way of collecting data. These processes must satisfy both the internal and external customers. This is essential for the survival of an organization. Dr. W. Edwards Deming ” In God, we trust, all other bring data,” This quote is extremely applicable to the top because too often, we assume we can figure out how the process works through intuition. However, intuition is not enough. We need facts.

These lean six sigma VOP (voice of the process) capability indices can only be used in the specifications are accurate. Process capability is a function and function of the specification. Processes that are under statistical control, and otherwise distributed, can be considered process capability. The process capability indices are used to measure the “natural variability” that a process experiences relative to its specification limits. This allows for different processes to be compared in terms of how well an organization controls them. Dr. Deming defines stability as a process that has an identity and predictable performance. This is why planning is easier.