This is a method to find the best performing systems within an industry, company, or sector. This article will help determine and fix any weaknesses throughout an organization that will give them a competitive advantage. Once you get the hang of and depending on how technical you want to get, you can even download benchmarking software for pc to test out.

Six Sigma Benchmarking can allow businesses to evaluate and compare their performance with the industry’s level or companies of comparable quality. This typically aims to focus on one key take of the company’s systems.

This isn’t a comparison between two operations, but rather a comparison of one aspect of one operation with the best ranking operation.


Competitive benchmarking studies the industry’s competition to establish its standards. This can be used by an organization to assess its position in the market, this can mostly be done by a benchmarking software for pc. Intense benchmarking efforts can also be helpful to achieve goals in trade management efficiency.

Strategic benchmarking: Go beyond your industry to identify companies that are at the top of their game and set a higher level. This is a way to measure and assess efficiency at very high levels. This is particularly useful for companies that have to achieve more than just their business. Six Sigma uses Hoshin (the control and management of objectives) to ensure that every employee is aware of the business’s strategic direction. Hoshin systems are based on the benchmarks of high-quality organisations.

Internal benchmarking Highly performing areas often share their best practices and knowledge with other business units. It mainly depends upon the size of the corporation. This may be enough to show a wide span of efficiency. You might also consider benchmarking within your own industry if similar industries are not available.

Types of Benchmarking

Product Benchmarking test is available for new or upgraded products. A smartphone’s battery duration might impress a customer. Every single smartphone has similar features, but a company can tap on sensitive features to increase its company’s performance. It will be a significant difference if the feature is achieved.

Process Benchmarking will help you to find a Process and a Center of Excellence. This allows companies to grow their company by buying similar systems or outsourcing processes to reduce operating costs.

Functional benchmarking can be used to determine and better efficiency across different functions. This requires falling through the project in its various functions. You will then need to focus on each function separately to further better them. This will enable you to implement improvement systems and across related functions throughout your business.

Performance Benchmarking is absolutely necessary for any industry. The top performance will directly impact an organization’s business execution and helps to keep a competitive advantage. Consumers will choose businesses that have better results.

Financial Benchmarking can help improve any organization’s financial health. Each strategy is designed to lower costs, improve effectiveness and get more sales or revenue.