Guide to Implementing 5S; The fifth ‘S’, Sustain

  How to run a Lean 5S Visual Management Event. This blog will explain the Fifth “S” in the 5 S’s, Sustain. The following blog is number four in a five part series. This blog is based on a 5S Visual Management Event at one of our client partners First “S”, Sort, we have eliminated the clutter (those items that do not belong). This has helped us gain space. In the 2nd “S”, Set in Order, we organized those items that belong (“everything has a place and everything in its place”). In the 3rd “S”, Shine, we have built the culture of cleanliness and organization. The fourth “S” is where we Standardize. In the Standardize phase, we build the Process with Controls and Feedback. In the Standardize phase, we Audit in order to Monitor the Health of the 5S Efforts. The 5th “S” is the most important “S” to implement. Unfortunately, most companies never make it this far in their efforts. This is where we build and maintain the Habit of 5S. We do this by generating Excitement! Most would think that auditing (in the Standardize phase of 5S) would be enough to keep the 5S efforts alive over the long term, but today’s team members need to understand “what’s in it for me?”. How do we Build Excitement around the 5S Efforts? Companies that have a good 5S program promote friendly competition as part of their efforts to Sustain 5S. Audit scores of cells, departments and sites can be used as the measurement of 5S success. A number of companies that we work with have bi-monthly 5S competitions within their facility. Every other month the department with the highest 5S audit scores get a prize. The prize could be a Pizza party or gift certificates. There is a Yearly 5S Trophy given at the Company Picnic or Christmas Party. There are awards given for the most improved area. Once the Habit is built, Sustaining the discipline becomes simple, almost self-perpetuating. You will see employees take pride in their work areas. You will see employees pick up trash off of the floor and discard it. A new employee will get feedback from seasoned team members when that employee does not follow the rules of 5S. You will see increased moral in the team members. 5S is the first building block to truly transforming a company through Lean and Six Sigma. If you want to learn more about implementing 5S in your organization, Contact Us How to Run a Lean 5S Event: The First “S”, Sort How to Run a Lean 5S Event: The Second “S”, Set in Order How to Run a Lean 5S Event: The Third “S”, Shine How to Run a Lean 5S Event: The Fourth “S”, Standardize