Lean Six Sigma Input Map

The Core equation in Six Sigma is Y=f(X1, X2, X3, Xn). In order to understand our “Y” or Output, we must first define our “X’s” or Inputs. The Input Map (or Variables Map) is a tool used to define those Inputs.

Lean Six Sigma Value Stream Mapping

One of the most powerful tools in the Lean Toolbox is the Value Stream Map. In a short time (usually less than an hour) you can effectively communicate where the focus of your Continuous Improvement efforts will have the most effect.

Lean Six Sigma Project Charter

This module will teach you the main elements of a Lean Six Sigma Project Charter. You will learn how to complete the critical elements of the Lean Six Sigma Project Charter.

SIPOC Diagram Course

What is the SIPOC diagram (suppliers inputs processes outputs customers)? SIPOC diagrams (suppliers inputs process outputs customers) are a visual way to document a process beginning to end before implementation. The SIPOC diagrams, pronounced sigh-pock, are often...

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification Course

This course is a compilation of four 1-hour modules with a Final Exam after the 4th module. Once all four modules are completed anf final exam passed, you will be immediately awarded a Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certificate. The Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification...