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Find a Lean Green Belt (Lean Change Agant) Course


Anant Jain
Supply Chain & Operations Leaderof KPMG US

Kevin Clay, a Senior Instructor at SSDSI provided Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training to ten team members at our organization. He was an experienced teacher who not only taught the concepts well but was able to relate them to practical and industry experiences. Kevin is clearly an expert in the Lean Six Sigma area and an excellent teacher and consultant. If you want to truly understand both Lean and Six Sigma and translate your learning to actions, then contact SSDSI.

Andrew Ponder
Production Manager of Pernod Ricard, Fort Smith AR Facility

The Team at SSDSI came in and led a group of Operators in a Lean + Six Sigma Quick Changeover (SMED) Event. During this training session they blew our minds and changed the way we think. It’s not about getting rid of people or spending huge amounts of money, it’s about teaching people how to think differently and find ways to eliminate waste. The Quick Changeover Event reduced the Setup Time by over 70%! This event was one of the first in an Implementation of Lean and Six Sigma in our facility. Oh, if you take one of their classes, and don’t be late from breaks unless you like to dance.

Anthony Garcia
President and General Manager at Garcia Konieczny Consultantsof Garcia Konieczny Consultants

I recently attended the Open Enrollment Six Sigma Green Belt course in Dallas Texas. I was so satisfied in the experience and easy going approach that I will continue on with the next phase which is the Lean Agent Course. The instructors left me with a well defined roadmap to the completion of my Six Sigma Green Belt. I highly recommend Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc. training for those managers who desire to make their operations more efficient and bring their organizations to the next level w.ith both Lean and Six Sigma.

Art Flores
Texas Quality Manager at GreeneTweedof GreeneTweed

The team at SSDSI posess keen insight into Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Their knowledge coupled with their diverse hands on work experience is invaluable and enabled a learning environment for myself and my team that was easy to understand and enjoyable. I would recommend SSDSI as an instructors and mentors in your companies Lean and/or Six Sigma Deployment.

Chris McHugh
Director of Operations of Energizer

The team at SSDSI has provided high quality training in theory of constraints, six sigma, and lean methods to over 120 of my hourly and salary associates. Their approach is user friendly yet has appropriate detail and rigor to impart understanding at the intended level of the student. They are easy to work with and effective, I would recommend SSDSI to any company looking to deploy lean, six sigma, and theory of constraints.

Six Sigma Development Solution's Lean and Six Sigma White Belt Certification Class was very informative and eye opening. The instructor was able to pull me in and keep my interest up for four hours with out even a nod. I would recommend this class to everyone wanting to learn about both Lean and Six Sigma. Great job Kevin Clay!

Larry Goodall
Director of Human Resources of Superior Industries, Fayetteville AR

The team at SSDSI have been working with Superior Industries Fayetteville as contractors for Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) since March 2013, when they began training employees for our new Lean and Six Sigma Initiative.
In Phase I of our initiative, they trained and certified 11 Lean and Six Sigma Green Belts. Phase 2 recently began, during which Kevin is training 20 new Lean and Six Sigma Green Belts and 6 Six Sigma Black Belts. They facilitated several Lean and Six Sigma projects. Phase I projects have proven to be extremely valuable to the company with a significant ROI. We are looking forward to the four phase 2 projects that are in process as well as a Black Belt Project. The Instructors at SSDSI are Lean and Six Sigma professional, able to effectively transfer their extensive knowledge to others. They also maintains the ability to oversee multiple continuous improvement projects, which increases their value to Superior Industries.

Michael Monin
Project Manager at ServiceMaxof ServiceMax

The Team at SSDSI are highly skilled Six Sigma instructors with a breath and depth of experience that is unequal to anyone else in the industry. I completed my Six Sigma Green belt training class led by Kevin Clay, one of the Senior Instructors. The tools, examples, class exercises and knowledge Kevin shares during the course on how he routinely solves complex problems for a diverse array of industries is priceless. I highly recommend the team at SSDSI to any organization that wants their people trained by the best.

Richard Nornhold
Manager - Mechanical Design Group of Energizer Personal Care

SSDSI's instructors and consultants are the best teachers and promoters of Lean/Six Sigma that I have seen to date. Their enthusiasm for wanting to help companies be more productive, more efficient and more profitable through the tools of Lean/Six Sigma is evident in their straightforward teaching and mentorship. Their enthusiasm is contagious and will be an integral component in helping us to implement and sustain the tools of Lean and Six Sigma.

Ronald Niland
Associate Director, Project Management at Gilead Sciencesof Gilead Sciences

Having recently taken a Lean Six Sigma training with the Instructors at SSDSI as a part of our organizations deployment, I found that their personable style and in-depth knowledge / experiences proved to make the perfect blend, which kept me engaged throughout the four-day seminar. They also did a wonderful job of getting the dozen or so participants equally engaged, making it a highly interactive program. I'd gladly take a training session again with the SSDSI Instructors.

Russell Reynolds
Experienced Professional Driver currently driving for FedEx groundof FedEx Ground

I have attended three Lean Six Sigma classes led by the Instructors at SSDSI. They are each subject matter experts (SME) when it comes to the processes and disciplines of Lean Six Sigma. They are excellent leaders, communicator and teachers. Their toolbox is full of practical and personal experiences needed to guide students into becoming Lean Six Sigma practitioners. I would highly reccommend SSDSI if you want to deploy Lean and Six Sigma in your organization!

Sarah Blackman
Directorof Brigita Pty Ltd

SSDSI's program is the single quickest and simplest to develop your Lean and Six Sigma core group. SSDSI can train your white belts in minimal time. Whilst,offering incentive for potential champions to progress to yellow and green belts, rapidly. The speed presented by online learning is assisted by the personal touch, which focuses on live lectures by Kevin Clay and an open offer to answer questions via phone or email. SSDSI may have the key to help you or your company step up, long term sustainable production goals. Surprise yourself with Six Sigma Development Solutions Inc.

Sunil Hattangady
Senior Principal, Business Consulting at Infosysof Infosys

The team at SSDSI are outstanding Six-Sigma professionals with stellar accomplishments and a remarkable breadth and depth in Lean Six Sigma practice. They are excellent leaders, mentors and instructor who shared valuable practical examples, case studies, and insightful demonstrations that made the training lively and productive. This was key to the deployment of Operational Excellence in our organization.


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