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SSDSI’s program is the single quickest and simplest to develop your Lean and Six Sigma core group. SSDSI can train your white belts in minimal time. Whilst,offering incentive for potential champions to progress to yellow and green belts, rapidly. The speed presented by online learning is assisted by the personal touch, which focuses on live lectures by Kevin Clay and an open offer to answer questions via phone or email. SSDSI may have the key to help you or your company step up, long term sustainable production goals. Surprise yourself with Six Sigma Development Solutions Inc.

Sarah Blackman
Brigita Pty Ltd | Director


Six Sigma Development Solution’s Lean and Six Sigma White Belt Certification Class was very informative and eye opening. The instructor was able to pull me in and keep my interest up for four hours with out even a nod. I would recommend this class to everyone wanting to learn about both Lean and Six Sigma. Great job Kevin Clay!

James Jennings
Webb Wheel | Production Schedular

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How to Complete a Six Sigma Project Charter

When we solve a problem, we tend to “put the fireman’s suit on, grab the hose and run into the burning building”. We douse the flames but unknowingly leave embers. Soon after, those embers flare up again and the fire erupts (the problem return). We do not tend to... read more

How to Teach Lean 5S to a 5 Year Old

How to Teach Lean 5S to a 5 Year Old My three young daughters (ages 1, 3 and 5) and I share an office and a playroom. I love to watch them play as I work. Most of the year (usually 45 weeks out of 52) , I am away from my family somewhere in the world on project work... read more

What’s the First Step to Certification?

I get a lot of calls and emails from people wanting to pursue a Green Belt or Black Belt certification. Most want it as a resume builder or a way to advance in their company. These are great goals! Unfortunately, many who start the journey to Certification never... read more

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Project Roadmap

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Project Roadmap. One of the most significant problems in any Lean Six Sigma Deployment is Project Closure Rates. Students are engaged in multiple weeks of classes where they are filled with information. When the class is complete, they... read more

Top 3 Reasons to get a Lean Six Sigma Certification

#1 Reason: Increase your Salary Potential! According to salary data published on indeed.com, the salary for Lean Six Sigma certified individuals can reach or exceed $117,000 a year. Experienced Lean Six Sigma certified practitioners routinely earn $100,000 or more and... read more
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