Six Sigma Development Solution, Inc.’s

Certification Policy

International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) exam option

    • Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc. will not be held liable in any way if the client fails the exam.
    • The IASSC examination is an added cost above our course fee unless negotiated in a contract between the client and Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc.
    • If your IASSC examination vouchers expire before you complete your exam, you will be charged a $99.98 USD fee to renew the exam.
    • Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc. is not a boot camp for the IASSC tests. We teach an estimated 40% of the topics included in the test.

Lean Six Sigma project option for certification

    • The client has 180 days from the last day of their certification course to complete their certification.
    • Certification extensions will be granted for an added 90 days and incur a certification extension fee of $250.00 USD.
    • After the 90-day extension, the student will have to re-take the course and repay the full course fee to reset the deadline to 180 days after the last day of the course described in this contract to complete the certification project.
    • If a client pays for a course that includes mentorship, and if the client is fifteen (15) days in arrears from the invoice due date, all mentorships will cease until the invoice is paid in full including any penalties for late payment.

Please review Lean Six Sigma Certification Options for more information on certification options,

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