We Provide Onsite Training and Deployment for Transactional Environments!

SSDSI will come to your site to train for your choice of the Lean and Six Sigma Certification Levels. Onsite Lean Six Sigma Training for Service is more cost effective than open enrollment training when training larger groups of team members.

Benefits of Onsite Training:

  • The Training is focused on Your Opportunities
  • SSDSI uses your opportunities in class (vs. generic examples)
  • You will get the experience of a seasoned Lean and Six Sigma Master Black Belt who will help mentor you while completing your Lean and Six Sigma Project
  • You can train up to 20 employees for one fixed cost (this cost includes courseware and the instructors travel & lodging)
  • Our courses are full of games, simulations, and active learning to help the adult learner
  • SSDSI can customize the training to meet your companies particular training needs

How Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc. applies our knowledge to give you a Continuously Improving Deployment experience:

  • “Building the Plan”: We work with your leadership to tailor the best strategy at aligning the Lean and Six Sigma Implementation with organizational goals
  • Deploy through strategic small scale implementations (deployment waves) built into a long term deployment plan
  • Each deployment wave provides excitement in the organization as “Quick Wins” help build momentum
  • Each wave continuously improves the deployment effectiveness as the new culture is embedded in the organization
  • This deployment model is less of a financial burden to the organization
  • Each wave is prioritized with projects that will provide quick ROI
  • These projects help to fund the implementation wave

What are the Tangible Benefits of Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc. Deployment Model?

  • Historically 180 day return on Wave #1 deployment investment
  • Continuous Improvement projects in each wave are prioritized to fund the implementation with 180 day turn-around in the first 24 months

What have we learned over our 15+ years of deployment experience?

  • “Big Bang” Implementations focused on large scale training and deploying projects to each Change Agent tend to fail
  • These Implementations are often too resource intensive
  • This deployment model leads to dissatisfaction in mid and floor level management because of interference with production expectancy
  • Training a large pool of Change Agents and giving them each a Continuous Improvement project chokes the organization
  • More time is spent on Continuous Improvement efforts which impedes creating the product or service
  • Lengthy and complex Change Agent training leads to:
  • Low (>30%) projects completion rate (it is difficult to retain the amount and complexity of the trainings)
Onsite training