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Quick Win

A Quick Win Tollgate Review will help you determine if the goals in a Quick Win Project have been completed. A Six Sigma Quick Win Tollgate Review is like a checkpoint at which the various team members meet with a project Champion and determine whether the work has been performed as indicated in the project plan and whether the objectives mentioned have been achieved.

Below is a -snippet- of the Six Sigma Quick Win Tollgate Review:

Has the “Project Charter” been developed?
(The following questions should help determine the answer)?

  • Business Case: What are the compelling business reasons for embarking on this project? Is the project linked to key business goals and objectives?
  • What key business process output measure(s) will the project leverage and how?
  • What are the rough order estimates on cost savings/opportunities on this project
  • Problem Statement (Starting Line): What specifically is the problem?
  • Where does it occur?
  • When does it occur?
  • What is its extent?

Goal Statement (Finish Line):

  • What is the goal or target for the improvement team’s project?
  • Do the problem and goal statements meet the SMART criteria (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound)?
  • Has anyone else (internal or external to the organization) attempted to solve this problem or a similar one before? If so, what knowledge can be leveraged from these previous efforts?
  • How will the project team and the organization measure complete success for this project?

Project Scope:

  • What are the physical boundaries of the scope?
  • What is in bounds and what is not?
  • How does the project manager ensure against scope creep?
  • Is the project scope manageable? What constraints exist that might impact the team?


  • When was the project start date?
  • When is the estimated completion date?
  • Is the project currently on schedule according to the plan?
  • Has a project plan with milestones been developed?
  • How will variation in the actual durations of each activity be dealt with to ensure that the expected project completion date is met?